Footies Are Perfect for Pregos!

Hello PajamaCityzens! Ok, so you all know that our adult footed pajamas from PajamaCity are perfect for lounging just about anywhere, anytime. But did you also know (ladies) that they are pefect for expecting moms-to-be (and moms alike, actually). I only recently discovered, as a mom-to-be,  just how comfy and roomy they are for pregnant women! Our footie pajamas are designed to be lose in the middle, so they naturally have extra room for growing tummies (and other growing parts if you’re like most expecting moms). I lounged in them for most of my 1st and 2nd trimester. Ok, so it may be too hot now for footies, but if you know you’ll be pregnant come fall/winter, stock up now! Trust me….I’m speaking from experience here ladies. If you’re not already, you will soon be searching for maternity pajamas or maternity loungewear, so why not buy things that you can use before, after AND during pregnancy! Makes sense to me, considering most of us are on tight budgets these days. So get your adult footie pajamas now & get ready to be one comfortable mommy -to-be! 


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People Love PajamaCity PJ’s, Even in Summer!

Who says you can’t think about fleece or flannel pajamas, even in this dead of summer kind of heat? These 2 fabulous ladies stopped in our shop yesterday to check out our PJ’s! Now, truth be told…they probably won’t be wearing them anytime soon, but they’ll be ready to go when the leaves change color and the snow starts fallin’. Way to think ahead and be proactive ladies! And we must say, you truly do make our Pink Kisses & Hearts footie pajamas and our Ivory Retro Tattoo footies look oh so cute! Thanks for stopping in, and come see us again this fall when we’ll have tons of new prints to show off!

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Dad Wants Footies!

If there’s one thing we know about men is that they never really grow up. No offense, guys. I mean that will the utmost respect and affection. Really, I do! So what better gift to get dad this Father’s Day than a pair of one-piece footed pajamas from PajamaCity! He’s sure to feel like a kid again (even more than usual). Trust me, he’ll love ’em! He’ll smile, maybe even laugh, and he will remember his gift of footies forever! Just don’t be surprised if he never takes them off! We’ve got dozens of prints & colors to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that dad will love! Maybe dad likes Airplanes or perhaps he’s a fan of Argyle. Visit now & pick a pair of PJ’s for dad!

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Thank You Today Show – PJC Style!

PajamaCity would  like to send a HUGE THANK YOU to the Today Show once again for mentioning us on yesterday’s Pajama Party segment. A special thank you to Jill Martin for wearing them and for wearing them so well! Our Pink Leopard footie PJ’s never looked so good! We truly appreciate you taking the time to notice us, and on behalf of the PJC team, we thank you the only way we know how…in footies!

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Jill Martin in Pink Leopards on Today’s Show

Today is a very exciting day for PajamaCity ! TV personality and fashion expert, Jill Martin, wore our Pink Leopard footies today during the Today’s Show Pajama Party! She showed off the friction dots & even our infamous drop seat! Is that Jill’s undies we see?! Check out the pix! A big thanks to Jill Martin and the Today’s Show for mentioned PajamaCity!

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Footies Aren’t Just for Lounging – or Are They?

Hey PJC fans! We know many of you like to do other things in your footies (remember this is a family blog) besides lounge or sleep, but how many of you are actually brave enough to hit the mall, the grocery store or your local convenient store in them? I would bet not many of you! Is that a challenge you say? Indeed it is! If you’ve got guts like this vibrant young woman (or you simply just don’t care), send us your videos! We’d love to see what else you do in your PajamaCity footie pajamas (again, keep it clean kids)! Check out this PajamaCity fan proudly strutting her stuff as she leaves her neighborhood store in our Cupcake Footie Pajamas!

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“Bachelors” in our Footie Pajamas – Now That’s Hot

Attention Bachelor and Bachelorette fans! PajamaCity has made it big kids! Check out US Weekly’s Celebrity News article “Inside the Raucous All-Star Bachelor Reunion”, and you’ll find some of your favorite former bachelors proudly sporting our adult footie pajamas…and looking quite fine in them as well! Wearing a mix of PajamaCity’s Pengiun Fleece, Blue Camo, Retro Tattoo, and Emo Skulls footie pajamas, bachelor dudes Jesse Csincsak, Chris Clark, Brian Westendorf, Kasey Kahl, Ricarhd Mathey, Mark Huebner, and Juan Barbieri have never looked better in our opinion! We would accept a rose from any of these guys in a hot second! Want your man to look as good as your favorite bachelors? Visit today & get to shoppin’! (Photo by Meg Heriot)

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